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Blueant X5 Bluetooth Stereo Headset


  • Model: x5

Item Condition: Brand New
This headset is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones


The X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is a portable multi-function device utilizing the latest cutting edge technologies allowing you to stream high quality music and make voice calls using a mobile phone, pda, or computer - without wires attached to the headset.

The headset will pair with your phone via wireless bluetooth connection. If your phone has A2DP technology then you can listen to the music on your phone wireless. The headset has a mic that is removable. Attach the mic and you can also have hands-free conversation from your cell phone.

A bluetooth audio steamer is also included to you can use the headset with non-bluetooth devices. Don't let the large picture below fool you, the audio streamer is only about 2" diameter. Connect the audio streamer to your TV, computer, iPod, CD Player, etc and enjoy wireless stereo sound. (Example: connect your iPod to the audio streamer with included cord. The device will broadcast the music wireless via bluetooth. Now you can listen your iPod wirelsss with the headset.)

Open your favorite VOIP program and talk anywhere in the world. With a detachable microphone, USB and AC charging options, the X5 is a complete mobile communications accessory for people who require wireless freedom. The ergonomic design is lightweight and comfortable. Features collapsible neckband for easy portability. Charge the headset via USB port and stores up to 10 bluetooth deices. 

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